Bark by popular demand, it’s “Dogs do Magic”

Join us at Festival Hall for an unforgettable evening of magic, comedy, & canine hijinks featuring some of Canada’s top variety entertainers!

These mind reading, acrobatic dogs will steal the show, your heart, & any unattended treats in the venue! From answering impossible questions (with adorable barks) to not immediately getting distracted by a rabbit, each of our well-loved & loving doggos are sure to blow your mind and lick your heart clean.

The Canine Captain to our magical dogs is international illusionist Aaron Matthews, who's performed at major events across Canada including headlining the Calgary Stampede! Aaron & our dog family recently made it to the semi-finals of 'Canada's Got Talent' with their production “The Canine Circus”. Aaron’s quick wit and world class sleight of hand make him the perfect performer for this fun-filled evening of magic & Labrador-able stunts! Dogs Do Magic is a one-of-a-kind night of world class magic & canine entertainment perfect for all ages, for the young & young at heart!

***All the dogs in our show are trained using positive methods. They are rewarded with treats, praise, and love. They are the family pets of the trainers they are performing with on stage. The bond between the trainers and their pets is evident and that is the real magic of the show! Some of the dogs performing in the show are rescue dogs having come from dire situations.

Premium seats (first 5 rows in the centre): $50.00 All other seats: Admission: $39.50 Kids 12 and under: $29.50/Students: $29.50/ Seniors 65+: $29.50 CHILDREN'S TICKETS, STUDENTS TICKETS AND SENIORS TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED AT THE BOX OFFICE.