JULY 2021 UPDATE We are ecstatic that Festival Hall will be open for business this fall. We have a great lineup of shows previously postponed that are finally going to happen.  Please visit our calendar for info on great shows such as Menopause the Musical, the Pembroke Symphony Orchestra, Stampeders, Downchild Blues Band,  to KISS, AC/DC , Beatles and more. We will also be announcing some new shows for 2021/2022 very soon.  

Stay tuned for further information regarding capacity limits, COVID protocols including masking and vaccinations and other government decisions as things unfold  


Jagermeister and For the Love of Live have awarded Festival Hall a $1,000 gift in an effort to help keep live venues alive!  So grateful. 

Our summer student Paige is busy working on a Virtual Silent Auction and Great Garage Sale.   We have an amazing selection of music and sports memorabilia, gifts from local small businesses, and other very cool items.  Proceeds will be directed to improvements to our Downie/Wenjack Legacy Space and for programming of the fall reconciliation events. Should you wish to make a donation of an item, big or small, please contact Paige at  

All existing shows have been postponed and new dates are in CALENDAR.  Please also read the statements below concerning refunds etc. 

Pembroke Symphony Orchestra returns!  Dates are on CALENDAR and prices and ticket purchase will follow in September.   

We are hopeful for our reopening beginning in October.  We do not as yet have any information from the government as to policies with respect to distancing, capacity and vaccination requirements.  We will post those as soon as we hear.  

In the meantime, please keep well, get excited, and consider a vaccination to protect not only yourself but others so we can all return to "normal" live events! 


We are currently subject to the province wide Covid restrictions.  Sadly, live performance events will be the last industry to re open.  We are doing all we can to keep this theatre alive.   

POSTPONEMENTS of all shows - your existing tickets will be honoured for the new dates which can be found in CALENDAR in the menu above.  We thank you for your patience as most shows have been postponed more than once.  Know that this is as difficult and frustrating for us as it is for you.  PLEASE click on Calendar to get your new date.  

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign up for our mailing list by scrolling down this page and clicking on the link.  This means we have your up to date contact information.  Many people opted out of receiving emails which meant we weren't able to send all of our newsy emails to some patrons.  You will not be bothered with daily spammy emails - typically we send out an email campaign once per month.   

REFUNDS as per what is printed on your original tickets and what has been policy for a decade - there are NO REFUNDS on postponed shows.  There are optional refunds for cancelled shows.  Thankfully we have cancelled only one show and in that case every single ticket buyer was gracious to accept a gift certificate or a ticket for another show.   We realize that in exceptional circumstances such as financial strain during COVID that we do have to issue refunds in some cases - and have to date processed over $15,000 in refunds.  We made the decision that every refund will have a $10.00 refund fee.  This money does NOT go to Festival Hall - although we wish it did as we have zero ticket revenue for the past year.  This money goes to ticketing software charges, including Paypal which is our gateway for online tickets.  Paypal charges 3.9 percent of the ticket price.  Credit cards are similar.  Ticketing software charges, printing of cancelled tickets/confirmation, and in some cases the writing of cheques or email transfer fees all come at a cost - a cost we can NOT cover.  Many venues are offering no refunds.  We are trying to make everyone happy.   

WE ARE NOW OPEN FOR SPACE RENTAL FOR UP TO 50 for private functions.  Need a safe space with plenty of distancing for a movie with your friends?  A corporate meeting or training event?  Private trivia night, workshop or music?  Guests will have to follow strict distancing, screening and safety protocols - but we have tons of room for everyone to gather safely.  We've also purchased and installed signage, plexiglass, sanitation stations, directional stickers and more. Email us at for more details.  

In the meantime, please consider supporting us in one of many ways.  

- Friends of Festival Hall Membership - $100 or ten dollars per month  

- Personalized Star on our Wall of Fame 

-Gift Certificates 

-Coming soon - online auctions! 

Email us for more details at 

 Buy Tickets - the link is now working to purchase tickets.  Simply click on Box Office or Buy Tickets in the menu above.



AUGUST 15, 2020

Please visit our website at for up to date information. Most shows have been postponed to 2021. All tickets and seats will be honoured on the new dates. 

We thank you so much for your support during this extremely difficult time not only for us but for all performing arts world wide. 

With your help, we can persevere until our curtains rise again. 

We will be permitted access to our box office in September and as of September 24 we will be having limited hours every Wednesday 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. We do have tickets available for 2021 shows and appreciate your financial support through buying tickets or considering other options as outlined on our website. 

We can't express adequately how much it means to be dealing with so many patrons who have agreed to hang on to their tickets, which enables us to continue. Your decision not to request a refund illustrates your support for the arts - not just our theatre but for crew, performers, renters, promoters who are all struggling right now. YOU are our supporting cast and we can promise you that when we are all back together again your experience will be AMAZING!!!!!! 


Phone: 613-735-2182 



Rick Wharton, Managing Director 



JULY 2020

All of our events have now been postponed to November and beyond.   We have been overwhelmed by phone, email and website messages and are responding as quickly as possible. We are working remotely and are denied access to the building and box office, making things difficult. We so appreciate all of the warmth and support we’ve received so far.  

A  few important points.   

A couple of weeks ago we sent out a mass email to all people who, through ticket purchases, opted in to receiving emails. We are in the process of creating an override so that ALL ticket purchasers regardless of their consent to receive emails will be sent important updates via email.   

In the meantime we’ve also put a very visible link to another mailing list button on our website, front page. The front page of the site also has the statements we are continually making. We encourage you to visit the site often. There is also a link called Calendar which shows all of the new show dates.   

Again please be advised your existing tickets and same seats will be honoured at all of the postponed shows.  

Our phone message box fills up quickly and sometimes people aren’t able to leave messages. The best way to reach us is by email at We will get back to you within 7 DAYS.  We plan to open the box office one day per week in September. 

Please consider holding your tickets as we navigate through this extremely overwhelming time for our theatre. We are counting on our patrons to continue to support us by not requesting refunds. If you can’t attend the new date, please consider donating them to a senior or to Community Living.  Live performing arts were the first to be impacted and will be the last to be open  this has affected us greatly and we are working on a plan to honour our loyal patrons who have agreed to not seek refunds.  When a refund is processed we are also charged fees from the ticketing software provider, PayPal, bank, credit car companies etc so refund fees will apply. As well we cannot return the ticket processing fee paid at the time of the ticket purchase. We have kept this box office fees low compared to Ticketmaster etc and they reflect only what we in turn are charged for processing tickets.    

People who have purchased online will note the terms and conditions printed on the email confirmation Stating no refunds on postponed shows and refunds on cancelled shows only at the discretion of the Director.  In person ticket holders will also see printed No Refunds.  Our priority is keeping our patrons happy so in some circumstances it will be necessary to refund with applicable fees but we are overwhelmed at the number of people not requesting refunds and thank you so much for this .  Many show expenses are paid well before the performance and of course even though our doors are unlocked we have regular bills to pay such as insurance, phone, monthly fees, etc.  Thank you for helping us to continue! 

Once things are open, we will be employing every imaginable resource to fully clean and sanitize the theatre and we will look at different ways that our patrons, volunteers and performers can feel comfortable while still being able to lose themselves in the joy of performing.   

We are in the midst of serious and difficult times and we hope you are all obeying guidelines for the sake of your neighbours and friends. Don’t forget to listen to music and enjoy the many beautiful performances available on the web, YouTube and tv.  Music heals!  And then there is many of you know our Director is a Second City alumnus and has been recognized for his contributions to comedy. Here’s a little comment he made to make you chuckle. I (Rick) am the only one that can delay Menopause!  

Have a great day everyone and continue to be a light to others. 


A message from Director Rick Wharton from March 2020 

In our 40 years,  Festival Hall has never experienced the full closure of our theatre.  

Over the last 2 weeks, we have all felt the sudden thrust of COVID-19 as it has taken unexpected control over the normalcy of our daily lives.   

For those of us in the arts community, COVID-19 has closed the curtain on performances that are the essence of our industry.   

At this time of great uncertainty, our commitment is to support our theatre community, our volunteers, our patrons, our sponsors, our performers, our crew, our promoters and renters and to ensure that that we will still present our 2020 season with postponed dates. We thank the municipalities of Pembroke, Petawawa and Laurentian Valley for entrusting us to guide this gem called Festival Hall through this crisis. We guarantee that when the curtains open we are going to celebrate as never before!  

The show must go on, and will go on, but we need your help. We are reaching out to you today to help bring the delightful season of theatre we had planned for you a reality. We are very reliant on ticket sales. With no shows on stage, we will be challenged but are confident we can do this.  Our renters and performers and promoters have been united in their desire to come to our wonderful venue. Your support will help us withstand this difficult time.  

Many are finding the uncertainty of these times difficult, but if you are in a position to help, please help by:   

Consider holding your tickets until the postponed date rather than requesting a refund. Please note. We are currently not permitted to enter the building or box office and as such cannot process refunds or exchanges at this time.   Note your purchased seat will remain the same for the postponed show  and your hard copy ticket will be honoured on the other date! 

Buying gift certificates by making arrangements via email at   

Making a donation the next time you purchase a ticket on line. Follow the link in your shopping cart.   

If you cannot attend the new performance date and currently hold tickets please please consider giving them to a friend or a loved one or donating them to a retirement residence or Community Living.  

We want to express our sincere thanks for your support over the years. Your support is critical in ensuring Festival Hall can continue to create memorable theatre experiences for all In our community and for our visitors.   

We are in this together and look forward to welcoming you back into our house to celebrate.   

Thank you,  

Rick Wharton  

All new dates can be found on this  website by clicking on the a calendar button.  Please email with further inquiries.





MARCH 13, 2020 



The health and safety of our visitors, artists, staff and volunteers is of paramount importance.  Due to the unprecedented pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we are cancelling in person Box Office hours and all performances and events at Festival Hall until April 4, 2020.    
Festival Hall is also taking the following measures effective immediately and continuing until April 4, 2020.  




We are confident that performances April 4 and beyond will move forward.  To date, none of our promoters or performers have cancelled their performances after April 4.  In the event that these events are postponed, we will be issuing notices regularly on Facebook and on our website, Ticket purchases are still available online.   

In the event of future event cancellations and postponements, we will be asking ticket buyers to please be patient with us.  Rest assured we will take care of all ticket buyers.  Your understanding is appreciated.  

In these times, cancellations of that nature can jeopardize the future of the performing arts in your community.  In all circumstances we will be asking you to consider hanging on to your ticket for the postponed date, where it will be honoured, accepting an exchange for a different show, gifting your ticket to a friend or neighbour, or making a monetary donation to your community theatre for that same amount.  This is a suggestion being made at many other community performing arts centres.  Because we are not being affected by any cancellations as of yet, this point is not applicable.   

In the meantime, there will be no refunds issued for any tickets purchased.  (as per our existing policy and as printed on your ticket or confirmation email.) We will cross the “refund” bridge when we come to it, and just ask that you consider the remarks in the above paragraph in the meantime should such decisions then have to be made.  

Upon our return to the theatre, and for events in April, May and June, we ask that you consider elbow bumps - or perhaps jazz hands - instead of handshakes!  If you are experiencing sneezing, coughing, or fever, please stay home.  Cover your mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing (or an elbow if no tissue is available). We will have tissue available as well as plenty of soap in our washrooms.  NOTE most performances have well less than 400 in attendance - there are also opportunities to space out if you feel more comfortable and use unsold seats.  

We thank you for your support of Festival Hall and for your patience during these uncertain times.  

Please direct any other inquiries to  Your messages will all be answered.  



13 March, 2020